Fact Sheet

Release Date: 15th December 2022 at 3pm GMT, 4pm CEST,

Platforms: PC: Steam, GOG, itch.io

Developer: Sever Location: Georgia Publisher: PRISMATIKA

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Contact: PR: [email protected] Everything else: [email protected]

About the Game

<aside> 🍴 The Feast is an invitation to a bizarre family dinner party that takes an unexpected turn. Join the most surreal meal of your life, discover what you truly stand for, and create your own tragic spectacle in this short thought-inspiring, and unforgettable adventure with multiple endings.


This short and intensely dramatic experience is designed to be completed in one sitting. When your mother invited you to a family gathering, you never expected it would change into a grotesque and painful event the moment it started.

This dark and peculiar performance grants you the lead role. With a purely theatrical swing, survive the utterly confusing and twisted dinner. You will be observed and judged, so face reality, weigh every action, think of possible outcomes, make choices, and define the ending of this life-changing celebration.

After all, what happens here is not your problem… … or is it?

About the Developers

Sever is an indie studio that creates deep and dramatic game experiences. Our games explore the unknown horizons of roleplaying and storytelling. We are a small collective with strong roots in live-action and tabletop roleplaying culture - as well as in literature, theater, and other forms of art. Our core team is often aided by talented guest collaborators.

Sever is focused on serious and unusual themes, player agency and choice, and unique narrative systems. But the ultimate goal of our games is to have a true impact on your mind and soul.

Originally from the cold forests of Siberia, Sever is now based in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Download the trailer here.


YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/j4eXqhB1L-U


Download all game assets here.

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The Sever logo is here ^ It’s white.



Key Art

PSD for the key art is available in the downloadable press kit.




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